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Thursday, 4 July 2013

4th of July - Lying On The Moon (185th Song)

I felt like playing guitar today and really wanted to sing as well, I didn't know if I would record a guitar an voice song as it was more people at home and I feel a bit embarrassed because of my bad voice, and also I felt lazy, so I took the guitar just for fun. 

Thoughts: As soon as my guitar started to sound my voice emerged softly like ba timid breeze from my mouth. I kept playing and I was getting more comfortable, I was getting in trance and my voice now show up completely. I just felt the energy passing through my swinging body. It's a shame that when you are there and you listened to what you recorded doesn't feel the same, it even sounded lame for me. 

The reverb for the vocals at the beginning are very cool, I want them to sound more epic and also sing with other people to create a voice wall, but overdubbing my self I don't get any thickness and sounds very flat. Then for the main voice I just used a preset from logic with compressor, reverb and EQ... NEVER AGAIN!!! It's so bad that I don't know how I allowed it to stay. Maybe the preset is good for other music, but obviously not for this one.

Enjoy it!

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