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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

3rd of July - Acid Rain (184th Song)

Again I spend my day at the studio and I had some time to make a song with my new equipment, I felt hardcore so I played like a hardcore jungle "as you go".

Thoughts: We were trying to make some equipment work and when we get a midi keyboard on I just made up a quick song. I put some drums on Logic and triggered from the keyboard. First bass drum and snare drum; next layer hihat, then the trick percussion and so on, the next was the bass that while recording the drums felt good for me, as soon as I get a bass sound good enough for what I wanted I recorded it. I have to say that I love the harmonies at the end when the song is more hardcore, sounds like beautiful sad but encouraging and full of love just in a very low dose. 

Enjoy it!

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