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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

2nd of July - Kevin Spacey (183rd Song)

Just trying to improve my keyboard skills, one single track and recorded with no stops. For me it would suit perfectly in an american movie starred by Kevin Spacey, I don't know I imagine perfectly American Beauty or K-Pax with this song in the background. 

Thoughts: I realized that my life needed from a MIDI keyboard with modulation and pitch wheel, a small one, one that I can just take easily and try anything, handy and light. I like to play keyboards now, I hated it before when I was a kid and my piano teacher insulted me everyday to cry. But it's quite cool, my brain is reorganizing some pieces that I had lost, old memories shredded from broken dreams. I just had to change a couple of notes manually on the editor and remove a lot of extra notes played accidentally. 

I also noticed a hiss at the background, I wouldn't have realized before, but my ears are getting fit.Working in the studio so many hours and recording constantly is making my ears finer. I feel like I'm in a good path. Optimistic mood.

Enjoy it!

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