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Monday, 1 July 2013

1st of July - Important City Hall (182nd Song)

New city hall iarc from Archframe on Vimeo.

7th Month!!! Let's start it with a big one, I spent some days doing this one. It's the definitive song for the building video that EfraĆ­n asked me to do. Finally he liked the idea that I had. We would take a song that he already knew that could work, capture the energy that transmit and change everything to match perfectly with the video clip. A massive work but the results were worth it.

Thoughts: Well, finishing this song was like on of the reasons that gave me motivation to continue with my quest. I was stressed trying songs for this over and over and nothing seemed to fit. Finally kind of copying was the solution, I shouldn't be proud of that, but actually I am, I tweaked the things in a way that would work finally, changing instruments and phrases without changing the soul. I realized how strong the harmony is in music, no matter what surround it, harmony is having the music a lot of information that prevails above the melody. 

Working for a video gave me some new techniques that I haven't ever imagined. I didn't know that I just could open a video in Logic and it's linked with the music, I could do things so easily accompanying the footage: zooms in and out, speed ups, flashy lights, ... Also I had to squeeze my brain in search of good sounds, I start to understand how some people get cool and professional sounds from Logic's library that sometimes seems so cheap. 

I did a good job and the video did succeed, the clients liked it and it can open to work as composer of this kind of videos. I'm very happy.

Enjoy it!

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