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Monday, 1 July 2013

The Best of June 2013 and Some Acknowledgements

Hey guys, we already finished the 6th months which means that we have done the half of the first year, I only have to do the same again or even better. No... I'm gonna do it million times better!!! I feel full of energy and willing to conquer the world. My new job is gonna act like a boost in my career and my knowledge and from NOW it starts a new age of FORTUNA Quest. I have in mind a lot of improvements, so I'm not lack of ideas as I thought when I was starting, the creativity is an endless river flowing. It's unbelievable! I want to thank as well to all that people that have read all my post, commented some of them, liked them, retweeted them, given me advises, etc. Without them I'd have quit very soon, I don't feel alone. Those are: My mother (the engine that everything moves, , my brother (daily telling me how to improve), my girlfriend (how the hell do you stand me making noise all the time? and thanx for helping me with my stupid english), my cousin (he listened to and liked every single song, poor guy, I'd have become crazy), Juanes (the exact-opposite-to-me artist that I admire), Rebecca Dilg (my new teacher, she knows everything, most helpful person ever), Mordo de Maru (in your face critic guy, I love him though), Bruce Billis (best discovery of last year, and creator of the new logo) and all those people who collaborated in some of my songs, I'll forget someone I know but let's go for it: Cuco (he screams like a tortured weasel and brings me to a big cauldron in the biggest flame of the hell), Mata (best artist that the world deserves to know to be better), Yela (that emotional guy endlessly generous), David Tineo (we made a super song, muches rises), Giancarlo Bonfanti (keyboard of on of my favourite songs, we shared so many good times touring with Deco Pilot), and... my memory is out of battery, if you're not in the list and you should just complain!

I've had some crisis in these months, some stressed stages and at the end of this last month I almost quit, so much backlog that I felt overwhelmed to cope with. But I took strength from I don't know where that I feel really able to do whatever. It's a good mood to start the second step of the project. I leave you here the best songs of this traumatic month. Not the best at all.

Enjoy it!

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