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Monday, 1 July 2013

30th of June - Creating A Star (181st Song)

Second day in Tower Studio (my new work place) and we started to work in a song all together, they came with an idea and between the producer and the interns started to get some points. I'm putting the song here because if one day this song is on the charts I wanna make sure that I get a part of the cake.

Thoughts: It's good to be here, in a place where I can see the process of the creation of a song, everyday we are gonna have a twist or an idea and hopefully make it better and better. I've done that before with my bands but I think that never so actively and aiming so high, so it's obvious that I'm gonna learn good stuff here. We don't have a mentor or someone who guide us so it's gonna be very difficult and we have to experiment a lot a lot a lot, but that will force up to learn more and be more interested and research for techniques that we'll try by our own. I'm gonna invite some people who knows to help us anyway, otherwise it might be too tedious and frustrating. The piano at the beginning was idea of one of my mates, then the producer was kind of imaging how it would groove and was telling us the abstract ideas that I were transforming in music. To be honest I was "the guy", the only one that could do that and mostly thanks to FORTUNA Quest that has given me a lot of dexterity making music and using DAWs. By the way, it's the first time that I automate an EQ filter with the Logic primary EQ on drums, and I love how cool it works, I just made it up! :D

Enjoy it!

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