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Saturday, 24 August 2013

24 of August - Oh Bangladesh (236th Song)

My friend Ariosto got me a job. He's gonna produce a song for a guy, he's famous in Bangladesh and the are gonna use it for the national cricket team or something like that. I'm gonna be the drummer. The song is punk vibe and very commercial. Obviously I can't post the song until it's released but I can send you a take that I made by myself which is very close to be the definitive one. 

Thoughts: Recording this song has been like going back to the past, when I was playing punk rock in the beginnings of my musical journey. I played with the electronic kit as usual, I don't have room for the acoustic kit, well I have, but bothering flatmates and neighbors. I'm very limited with the drum kits in Logic, it was far better when I had Superior Drummer. I'm gonna try to get it ASAP. And I also want to find the way of splitting individually the sounds of the kits and treat all of them separately, panning them, compress, eq, etc... I can do it just duplicating the track the number of times than drum parts has the song, but it's so boring obvious and shabby. I'm sure that it's more elegant solutions. I'll keep you inform with the progress of the song. 

Enjoy it!

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