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Friday, 23 August 2013

23rd of August - Il Brano Di Francesco (235th Song)

I got a request. My friend Francesco, from Italy although he and his girl friend is living  here in London, is drummer himself and he is using Garage Band to make some songs. He already taught me how to use it one day that he invited me and my girlfriend to a cool italian dinner. He made a song and wanted some help from me as the guitar solo was too weird and made me freedom to change whatever I wanted. I have to say that I liked the song as it is and I didn't want to touch it at all, I just mixed it and played the guitar solo. 

Thoughts: I just love when my friends make my life easier, don't think about composition one day makes my brain to rest and be more prepared for next sessions, it's like vacation. This song reminded me Giorgio a lot, this all synthesizers creating an rhythmic funky atmospheric vibe, I could have changed some notes but I only had audio files and I wasn't up to re-record a whole track so I just left it as it was.

I spend the most of the time with the guitar solo, I felt really stupid playing and playing solos over and over again and not getting anything remotely cool, so frustrating, I was trying an 80 powerful solo but after few hours my fingertips were on fire and I had to reduce the complexity around a 80% and make a solo kind of The Cure, more static and arpeggiated. And what really annoyed me was that no matter which guitar I'm using my equipment makes a lot of noise and for distortions are really bad, it's this hiss too loud that only stops when you are playing loud and I can't stop if I want to control the sound. It must be a magnetic field in my work place or something because when I walked to the bathroom with the guitar the hiss disappeared.

The mix was ok, I did some panning, I balanced the volumes to my taste, I used some little EQs and added a bit of distortion to the guitars.

Enjoy it!


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