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Thursday, 22 August 2013

22nd of August - Massively Lunatic (234th Song)

After watching some Massive tutorials and roughly understanding the mechanism I made a song in order to gather all those things that I've learned before I forget about them. This is a random song that has all the wisdom acquired within these days. 

Thoughts: Massive is one of this tools that are under the spotlight nowadays. It has become essential if you want to make dubstep music thanks to the use of the LFOs. It was a total mystery to me how all those knobs worked and these tiny numbers all the way around. But once you learn what's all about I realized that is very cool and very easy to assign values to all the different parts of a traditional synth (oscillator, filter, amp...). 

I created 2 different  very weird sounds using all that I learned, the first one is using envelopes to change the pitch, low pass filter, flanger and an LFO for the panning. The other one is a bass made by 3 oscillators and metal noise where a sequencer is changing the pitch itself (the pattern was created pressing the button random). 

The drums on the other side where made playing random kick and snare drums, I quantized it and then another layer of randomness that I quantized too. I used Ultrabeat and I panning the drum parts randomly too. It's a crazy song with a weird frenetic vibe. Lots of learning in this session, I just realized how similar the synths plugins are and now I feel like I can control any synth right now. Oh, I just realized that I recorded with the metronome on, time to remove it before I post the song. 

Enjoy it!

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