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Thursday, 22 August 2013

21st of August - Condom Free Area (233rd Song)

Yesterday I was doing Prrrr with David's guitars and today he invited me to spend the day at his home. I carried my ultra heavy bass to his home in a bleak London area. We decided to make a song from the scratch pretending to be At The Gates. Luckily his bedroom was a Condom Free Area. Why? I don't know, I'm just glad. 

Thoughts: What a complete day. David surprised me with super skill shreds and taught me a lot in the art of guitar armageddon. We decided to have a blat beat at the beginning, there was where all the music came from. I programmed it and he started to create riffs flowing like a fountain full of water. As he ended a part he started the new one and told me which kind of pattern should now be played. That happened very fast and suddenly the whole structure was done. I finished my drums sticking in the guitar parts and then he told me to make a unison hits part. I made it a bit complex to blow his mind and he just laugh when he imagined himself playing it. 

Then was his turn, he hates to record, he gets tense and I can see that. Before he was just playing everything perfect and now he was repeating constantly every part. The funniest thing is that when I recorded some loops just to practice any part he nailed them, so was good to record the loops, it's a good tip to make anyone play better in a recording I guess. And we just forget some guitar parts that we had before, so we took a break and think about them, talk, eat, chill, have fun... 

We were running out of time and we decided to cut and paste some parts and then he created new parts that fit with the drums, those parts that he had forgotten, I recorded the unisons and then we had the guitars done. Now the bass. I got some bravery and started, the first part was good, very happy, then the second... Oh no... I'm an awful bassist, shredding so fast, playing loud and change strings is not my specialty, so I passed him the bass. He just did it so easily that I was embarrassed. No, he's a great guitarist, of course he was gonna do it good. Then second guitars, at this point he had some clear ideas of what to do, other parts we copy and paste in another track and we discuss some parts too. It was sounding cool now, some riffs were legend. 

It was sounding cool, I'd love them to have some vocals, and he told me to record them with the iPhone earphones, Eureka!!! It was the greatest idea ever!. The signal was gonna be incredibly low  though but we tried it anyway and we were extremely lucky that the guitar track was activated with the amp simulator and the distortion on so the voice was a screaming rat singing from the sewer. I thought it was perfect. He didn't like it but fuck him :P He sung (or yelled) the song, no lyrics involved, I think he said 'espĂ­ritu' or something like that. I left the voices mixed the song and it was 12 in the night. Time to go. 

Great day, had a lot of fun, working with David is great I promised to be his drummer next year if we both were in London and he don't have a drummer yet. He had a mac pro that was awesome to work with, very very fast, some problems occurred though. He had Amplitube that was cool to use, his guitar sounds like angel, better said like demons. He taught me a lot of techniques. I saw him getting really focus and getting addicted to what we were doing. It's very good to see that in first person, someone being creative in your face. We'll repeat soon... OF COURSE

Enjoy it!

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