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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

20th of August - Prrrr (232nd Song)

My friend David sent to me a guitar that he made. Do you remember him? He's the creator of the song of 15th of February 'You can do it, We can help you'. That song was the winner of that month, so he has a good past in my journey.  He told me to make the drum part of it this new song. So did I. 

Thoughts: I love this guy and how he creates his guitar lines. It's obvious that he's a good guitarist that has played in several bands already. He's driving and has determination while playing. And he chooses these weird notes that make me struggle to imagine which ones they are. Love you David (I'm not gay yet though).

The challenge of this song was to play without a click track, with all the changes, along his track. You know that normally in a recording the drums go first. Here I had to stick to this guitar take, it won't be changed at all. I did it pretty well, I could find some parts where their guitars are grooving at different tempos and it was impossible to make it sound good. Did I say impossible? I should raise up my top. Well, as you have notice the doble kick is shit, but in terms of groove the song is doing very good which makes me feel happy. Normally I would be thinking in terms of hitting the notes at perfect subdivision and things like that but I used to forget about the groove that is far more important. A good music lesson today. 

Enjoy it!

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