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Monday, 19 August 2013

19th of August - Samplaby (231st Song)

I've been watching a lot of videos of how to use EXS24 sampler in Logic, I wanted to be sure that I'm getting it. Today I'm only using the front panel and modifying preset sounds, I'll do something later sampling my own sounds. 

Thoughts: Hey, it wasn't so difficult to understand this sampler after all. When I first looked to it seemed completely complex but I just saw one tutorial and all the secrets are unveiled. Great tutorial by the way, this guy David Earl explains it amazingly well, not that often you watch a tutorial well explained with a skilled confident guy hosting it. 

This song is a lullaby, I used the mkii preset and changed it in many ways. using LFO with amplitude, envelops to change the pitch, the modulator for the filter eq etc. I stucked some different sounds that I got just adjusting this to create it. From my laptop I can't get the low bass of the song because the sound doesn't contain high frequencies at all. So I recommend to hear it with earphones or not to high speakers. 

Enjoy it!

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