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Sunday, 18 August 2013

18th of August - I Got No Money (230th Song)

I was playing guitar today when this song came to me. At the beginning while creating it I was thinking in the melody but I started to realized that the guitar by its own was very powerful and I wanted to make you feel the same. 

Thoughts: If you are guitarist or you play guitar you probably have felt this. You are learning a song that you like it and you suddenly realized that the guitar by itself sounds great and it traps you. It's like you can use your imagination to create whatever you want from it. Like when you start reading books without pictures and you feel that you are using more your imagination. That happened to me so many times but it's the first time that it happened with my own song. I'd love to play it better though, I played just until my index finger was very sore and I couldn't keep playing, and then I took my best take, not too many of them, to be honest. Needless to say that I have experienced a lot of feeling and connection with the guitar as I never did before. It's a beautiful feeling.

Enjoy it!

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