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Monday, 26 August 2013

26th of August - Quiero Ser Un Insecto Palo (238th Song)

Juanes is making the soundtrack for a friend's short film. He came to my home to work together on that. We made a lot of different songs and I'm gonna upload two of them.

Thoughts: What Juanes wanted for this song was to play an acoustic guitar part and overdub some awkward stuff around. We improvised two synths one each and then we did the funny stuff that I just learned how to do some days ago, sample our own sounds with Logic's EXS24 sampler. We sampled weird mouth sounds, window blinds sweeps, hits, etc and put them in different places in space panning them. And them I improvised with those sounds through my drum kit. It has been a good exercise and I'm glad I've done it, very useful stuff. 

You know how is everything when I record with Juanes, I have to trust my dark and dirty instincts. It was very fun and very funny when I realized that we were very serious while performing this crazy stuff getting deep into it in some strange way. 

Enjoy it!

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