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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

27th of August - Paseando Por La Calle Electro (239th Song)

This is one of the other songs that I recorded for the Juanes firend's short film. It's made with a guitar loop and then an electro-punk drum on it. 

Thoughts: The first thing that sounds in the song is a distorted voice. It was made using my new favourite technique: record vocals through my headphones adding them distortion. I did this with my AKG and were much better than the iPhone's, the only problem is that as little as you touch it it gets unwanted noise. I think I'll have to use a stand for them next time I use them. 

We wanted to try something special for the guitar, so we tried recording the strumming of an unplugged electric guitar directly through the mic and then we added distortion with Guitar Rig. It's some back noise from my computer in this track, this whistling hiss but we used an octavizer on it and it sounds like a storm and blizzards.

And at the end I recorded the drums, very fast tempo, I was struggling with the ride hits that fast and you can feel the rhythm swinging. I hate my drum kit (I think that I've mentioned it so many times), the cymbals sound random levels and sometimes they don't even sound, I have to be aware to play in the perfect spot and even then they do whatever they want. Very awkward. I'm gonna complain until I get a space to play my acoustic kit. That's one of my priorities. The other ones are, get superior drummer, buy a more powerful computer (probably macbook pro), and get a job (this should be the first priority but I've put it the last because I don't like jobs. 

Enjoy it!

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