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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

28th Song - El Che Guest (240th Song)

My friend Dan just came from Argentina and I'm gonna be his host for a couple of days hopefully. He is used to use Ableton Live and his father is a great sound engineer, so it was a perfect excuse to absorb his knowledge. Before we started I took a nap and I dreamed of this song and I think I got it very accurately. 

Thoughts: I got this guitars playing a loop together in my mind when I woke up and I jumped right to my guitar, learned them and then recorded them. Some minutes later I was recording the takes in Live. I used metronome and it was audible for my mic and summing all the little metronomes from each track it became very audible. At the beginning the idea was only guitars, but I had to add some percussion to make it up. He taught me a lot of stuff like when you trim a clip how the upper locators are used for loop and the next below for on hit samples, how to record a midi track into an audio track, how to stretch the sound and change the pitch and some more stuff that I don't remember right now but are somewhere in my memory. We also discover new stuff. He did a lot of compression and I tried to sharp my ear but I didn't get the point of doing it, I mean, I see the change but I don't know why would it be better than with no compression. Then he recorded a guitar solo, it was late and we had to finish before someone complaint so few little mistakes are present, but you know? I really like this song, when I dream of them they are the best always. I'd love to dream of a song everyday. 

Enjoy it!

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