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Thursday, 29 August 2013

29th of August - Cricket (241st Song)

The 24th of August I posted the demo of the song that I was gonna record for the Bangladesh National Cricket league. Now I'm posting the final take. Maybe we change a part with crash for ride cymbal.

Thoughts: I hate my Mac Book. After 4 months trying to get any Toontrack drum library I got Superior Drummer with the Rock Solid kit, and my laptop is crashing all the time because it's too weak for such a powerful plugin. I'm disappointed and my priority number one now is to change my laptop. Maybe I go back to the PC and I use the Mac for home stuff, but I have to repair the battery of the Mac because I can't move it around without plugging it. Anyway, I like the sound of the kit, not the snare too much. And it's very good the performance, the song is gonna be an absolute success.I have some royalties for sells. Will I be rich after this?

Enjoy it!

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