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Friday, 30 August 2013

30th of August - Pipipipa (242nd Song)

Dan has been these days living at my place, we were talking about music a lot, learning how to use some of the features in Live and he invited me to go to Bj√∂rk's concert, what a great company. He had an idea for a song and we jumped right to my studio to record. It was late but soon enough to record some guitars. 

Thoughts: Since it was very late to do lots of tracks and voices we traced a plan where he would record 3 acoustic guitar tracks. One rhythmic, one coloring the rhythmic one and a solo making the melody. We didn't have a lot of time so it should be quick. He recorded them very fast, every time I suggested something to him he just improvised something that fulfilled with my expectations by far.

When he finished I played the song and everything was bad! The song sounded horrible and everything clashed. I had to fix that. I started to work with the sound, you know, panning, effects, compression, ... Dan showed me some tricks that he uses very useful. And when I finished even when the notes weren't so accurate somehow everything sounded better. The little mistakes didn't bother that much and now I could hear a song. The power of the mixing, I was underrating it. New lesson learned.

Enjoy it!

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