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Saturday, 31 August 2013

31st of August - Chimp (243rd Song)

Lately I've been listening to old 90's techno music and I discovered that I love it. This 90's hype that we are living now probably has something to do even when I consider myself very isolated of the trends but well, how knows who I am?

Thoughts: The first thing that I did was the bass drum, bad move. It the worst choice that I've done since I started FORTUNA Quest, hahaha. It's the least dancing kick drum ever, it would paralyze the greatest dancer. Beside that I like the chimpanzee stuff with the delays, very 90's. I also learned that in the automation list in Logic  are all the things that you are using for that track, including all the knobs of the instrument that I was using, in this case a synth. So I could manipulate the filters, the octaves and so on. I used the EXS24 sampler that I've been using lately to trigger the chimp sounds. Even then I deleted the sampler track after bouncing the chimp sounds and I couldn't do the last frenzy chimp yells with it which would have been much easier. Instead I did it copying and pasting, old school. I like the way a sound grows when you add more octaves of it, it's something that I didn't realized but I'm using it for techno songs all the time. 

Enjoy it!

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