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Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Best of August 2013

Another month of music, this is getting bigger and crazier. Now I have more followers but more silent. People follows me, I see the statistics and they tell me but they don't say much anymore. I have to find the way to cheer them up and get them involved. I like when they tell me anything about my songs, it's so much better than the likes which I'm getting less and less. I guess is boring to listen to my songs everyday, and more when a lot of them are below the standards of what would be good. Anyway, it's great what I'm doing, I've share a lot of good moments making music with good friends and I'm learning a lot still. I feel like I almost can use anything to make music. I don't master any element but that's the point of the first year, be able to use everything so next year I'm gonna get deep inside all the interesting tools and have more fun making full real songs more that making songs or fragments just to try something that I haven't used before. I'm getting out of ideas too and I'm anxiously waiting for next year. I have to squeeze my brain more and more everyday. I just hope there's a limit in creativity and I'm used my best hand. 

Enjoy it!

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