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Sunday, 1 September 2013

1st of September - Intrinsical Moustache (424th Song)

I was missing my old friend MusicStudio, this app for iPhone that have saved my ass so many times on my food running double shifts. I wanted, now that I've improved my skills a little bit, to see what I was able to do with it. Again I did kind of 90's techno music. 

Thoughts: After few months without using it I've found it very very easy, definitely is the best DAW app that I've got so far. Every idea that I had I just did it, I didn't struggle at all with knobs or editing notes or whatever. I just was focus on the music and all the problems that I found on the way I fixed them easily. Was like dance and forget about the rest of the world. My favourite part is when I make a great drum fill! So cool, I spent like 5 minutes only to do it. And I used again the flute in a way that reminds me to an old song (if it can be called old, I made it this year for FORTUNA Quest), actually I think it's exactly the same damn flute. That would suck, I'm gonna check it, I don't remember the name of it now. 

It seems like I'm promoting something but I'm not. Probably there are better things out there that you have to pay for them to enjoy them. This one is free so it has a lot of limitations: few instruments, bad sound, only two FX (reverb and filter) and you have to assign the same FX to all the tracks that you choose to be effected. But in its simplicity you can find it very useful as I did. Now I hope to have an endorsement from them, that would be funny and totally unexpected. 

Enjoy it!

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