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Monday, 2 September 2013

2nd of September - Jenniggáh (245th Song)

Dan came over today to make some music, and guess what, we made and amazing song! We started with an idea that he had in his mind, just a melody that'd be looped. The rest is history.

Thoughts: The way the creative process worked in that song is amazing. Just from a little vocal line the ideas started to grow. The first think was to figure out a harmony, Zelda's theme suited perfectly on it, so we recorded a second voice. The sound that we got is very cool for me, some compression, eq, extreme auto-tune, reverb and distortion. Then a prancing guitar doing one thing where a flute plays the same but with a little variation at the end. Then an African beat with percussion, now the song turned into a richer thing, we were mixing modern music with organic elements. 

My brain is very dense today and maybe I'm not gonna be very able to express everything as I felt it when we recorded it so I cheer you up to ask me any question that you can have and I'll try to answer my best. 

Next thing we did was a bass line for the new stuff. Follow the African vibe seemed logical and that's what I did. I really like this bass line, it's the most similar to a cool bass that I've ever recorded. It's a shame that it's a loop and I don't play variations but I knew that if I did it I was gonna destroy the coolness. What was the next...? Ah yes, I decided to sing in Arabic style. Why? I don't know but sounded cool in my head. New culture added. While I was singing I accidentally sung one part that later would be the chorus, and it's so great! I improvised everything and I'm not saying anything, of course, but some how there are lots of cool fragments. I cut and pasted the chorus later again because I loved it. 

Then Dan grabbed the flute and started to play, he has no idea but some of the stuff that he was playing were cool, I told him to play with a lot of feeling, not paying much attention to the notes that he played but I suggested him not to play B, 'just avoid it' I said. What a mistake. He accidentally played B in the best place ever, magic was born. That note sounds so epic that I'm still shocked. How was it possible? Note to myself: never say anything to be avoided. This flute, by the way, sounds Peruvian, new culture added again. Now we had modern music, African, Moroccan (maybe) and Peruvian. Ain't it great? 

The next thing was to add some details. Percussion that Dan improvised and it make it sound a bit better. He didn't play very nice the percussion but just the fact of drums sounding underneath made the song more authentic and I liked much more how it sounds now.

The mix was really cool to, we made a team and we had cool things to add to the mix so at the end was much better than my crappy average. I'm very happy with this song and I hope Dan is too. 

Enjoy it!

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