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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

3rd of September - 2 Faced 2 (246th Song)

Today I've tried to make another song where different things are happening in each earphone. It's still very difficult but I'm gonna master this new technique and let's see where it brings me to. I tried it alternating the two tracks so every few milliseconds switches one to other song. Of course one is on the left and the other on the right. I had to push on track to sound a little bit later so you can hear always the when I strum the guitar in both tracks.

Thoughts: I wanted to kill to birds with one stone and try to see if switching tracks was working plus trying different mixes, one retro the other more mellow. I'm still confused in my search of mastering this, I don't know how to call this style technique yet. But what I know is that every time that I try it more questions arise. I really think I'm chasing something great. The song today doesn't work, but they are opposite, and still there are somethings that I like. I'll take them and push them further. Don't copy my technique! It's just mine!

Enjoy it!

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