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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

4th of September - Waiting For The Diva (247th Song)

I went yesterday to see Björk at Alexandra Palace with Dan, he invited him and I am so thankful for that. The stage was in the middle of the arena, with plenty of screens and instruments and most of them were strange but interesting. The background music was like this song that I'm playing, just basic synth-waves playing very random mellow song . We placed ourselves in a random spot and soon the security staff started to push us back in order to create an aisle to let Björk get on the stage. It took one hour with that music getting printed in our brains and then see showed up. The show was up to start and it rocked (sometimes). The music was weird always, sometimes magnificent, sometimes annoying but something sucked: they had technical problems or something, and they were recording it for a DVD that they'd release, so they repeated some songs because the first take wasn't good enough. Ain't that lame?

Thoughts: Well, the idea of making a song like the songs that they were playing in Björk's concert came because I started to see a tutorial about Reaktor, which is the next software that I want to get into. And I learned how to create a synth wave and control it from my MIDI controller, and the triangle shape just sounds like those songs so I invented something. Long, improvised and random, like Björk's. It's sounds weird with a lot of click because I didn't learn how to put an envelope in the synth, the clicks are because the attack of the envelope is 0 if I just could turn it higher a little bit...

Enjoy it!

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