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Thursday, 5 September 2013

5th of September - Fringeless (248th Song)

Today was the day to remember some techniques and learn new ones. Dan came around home again and I told him that I would like to use Reaktor and practice a new guitar technique for me, he wanted to use Massive and play an atonal solo, so we did. 

Thoughts: Reaktor is a veeeeeery interesting tool, I love the concept and I'm gonna practice more and more because I love to create things from the scratch even when they are very difficult, messy and confusing like this one. Making things from the scratch allows me learn all the little details that we always skip because someone that is good doing it got it ready for our sake of us. I wanted to do a loop of something, but since I really didn't know we tried different things, I thought it was a good idea to use the clock pulse, which none of us had use it before and try things with it. When we realized we had a bunch of knobs and faders and the screeng was full of elements that we put together. Probably I couldn't have done such a big thing without Dan's help, he just guide me a lot as he has experimented much more than me, and I got very confused.  I really need to practice. We didn't got a loop but some sounds together with a random signal changing a buzz and a noise that we took from the library.

My brain was overheated now and Dan started to make sounds with Massive, I tried before but I tried something and didn't work and I was asking to myself: "why? why? why?!?!". Since I didn't get an answer I gave up and let him doing it, then I stopped paying attention, I needed to think about everything that I had learned in the previous hour. He got a good sound, like an electric puke, very funny and recorded something. Now was my turn with the guitar.

I've been checking some free guitar lessons lately and I was concerned in my lack of finger technique so I checked some basic videos. As I was seeing them I was thinking:  'that's so easy, I'm sure I can do that'. And guess what. I wasn't! The only thing I needed to do was use the thumb for bass notes just alternating strings, very slow and switch between 2 chords and I struggled a lot playing it. Imprecise tempo, wrong notes, my major chords with on the fifth string I just saw that I couldn't do them very well with the acoustic since I'm using only my pinky and I must press to tight. I need to relearn major chords. I looped it because I wasn't able to switch twice between chords. Lame.

Dan in the meantime was mixing everything, I couldn't pay attention anymore, my brain was full and I wasn't learning. I just tell him to put a tremolo on my guitar. And he recorded his atonal solo. Then I mixed a little bit to finish and that was all. Listening to it later I hear that the solo guitar sounds too dry, that the biggest mistake of the mix I think. I'll be aware next time.

Enjoy it!

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