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Friday, 6 September 2013

6th of September - Rush (249th Song)

Cool, second session with Kuko, the first one was in January. Do you remember the song Letter of Suicide? It's my recording of the 11th of January, I was just starting this. He has been taking singing and guitar lessons and he had a riff that he wanted to show up. He brought a bottle of Jagermeister and we were ready to have fun. 

Thoughts: He arrived at 9 at evening and we should finish to make noise at 11 because of the neighbors. We must rush!
-Kuko show me the riff.
-Take Jager first
-Ok (glup). The riff!!!
-I only have this (tchan tchan tchan)
-Ok, what else?
-Good, now you have 2 riffs, make a variation of the 1st one. Cool, we got 3 different parts. What if you just mute the note in a the fourth part?
-Ok, ready? I'm gonna record, I'll tell you which part you must play, I'll be playing the guitar. 
-Now!!! 1, 2, 3, 4!
-That was bad Edu
-I liked the note that you played accidentally in the chorus
-I don't know what I did
-Ok I'll show you... Now. Ready? 1,2,3,4!
-I had a lot of mistakes, but I kind of like the song
-Sweet, Jager? I'm gonna record the bass, can you make the lyrics meanwhile?
-Jager Edu?
-Sí Kuko
-Let's sing. 1, 2, 3, 4!
-We're all together... Together in this mess..
-Nooow I feeeel Youuuuu
-(This is epic...) Good take man, Jager? 
-Yes of course, now what?
-You can record the chorus one octave higher, and then I'll record a second guitar.
-How an octave higher?
-Nooooow I Feeeeel Youuuu
-Ah ok, let's do it, Jager kicks in man. Nooooow I feeeel Youuuu
-Good, let's do solos, One each? Mine is gonna be crap
-Mine probably worse.
-Cool, let's do it. I'm gonna play the pentatonic, you do so
-Hahahaha it's so bad!!!
-Wait (putting a delay), what about now?
-Fucking hell, sounds like I know how to play!!!
-You know how to do it. I'll mix it
-Cool. Jager?
-It's empty...

And that was my session today.

Enjoy it!

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