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Saturday, 7 September 2013

7th of September - Cyber Punk (250th Song)

I've been grounded today, I spent my day watching tutorials and practicing techniques of the sampler EXS24 , guitar and drums. After some time with the sampler I got a weird sound that I would use for an imaginary chorus. From there I started to create the song.

Thoughts: Such a prolific day, I learned and re-learned a lot of stuff. My finger technique with the guitar is getting better, I'm getting more speed with singles on drums and I refreshed my mind with the EXS24 tutorials. I worked a lot on it, trying crazy things. Of course I don't know how to use everything but almost. At least I understand it enough to do a bunch of cool stuff. I found a flute that I liked and I created an envelope to control the pitch. After experimenting for a while I got this groove that sounds like a scratch that someone could use as loop in a hip hop song. I wanted it to be part of my chorus and I thought in a beginning for the song. Soon the song turned to life, or to death. It got really dark and the scratch thing wasn't a chorus anymore. 

I had a lot of good ideas in this song, and I put my producer skill on test. I knew what I wanted all the time, was incredible. The kick drum gave me the clue of what kind of song it would be, very dark, very rough, a music that could put your teeth on the edge. I created the darkest bass line too with the help of the sampler again. Then a snare drum that was telling me to sound with a short delay, almost slap delay, little bit longer. Then I used Reaktor to create a synth, I didn't myself without any help, I created the envelope and I tried to make a delay with Reaktor too but I couldn't, not that good yet. But I used a delay in dotted 8th note tempo which would intersperse with the 8th notes that I was playing. Now I had a bit of brightness in this dark world, but not too much, I didn't want to ruin the mood.

I made a weird sound also with the sampler that seemed like tails of fireworks when you launch them. That was really perfect, I made that the velocity controlled the panning, and also an random LFO. it's cool, I had to low pass filter it, it was too bright. And then I recorded the vocals, I sung through my headphones and put distortion, it's something that I like to do when I'm recording a dirty voice (thanks David for giving me the idea). I wanted to be really dark here and I just took a list of dead punk artists and recited it. That easy! At the end I didn't like the mix very much, but the process and the sounds that I chose were just perfect. I loved doing this.You should pay special attention to the part when the kick goes faster and get the pitch higher, I did it with the sampler too and I spent a lot of time trying it, I was expecting a better result but is quite nice approximation. Doing that I discovered a little button below the sample region that controls different parameters of the MIDI information, I could change the velocity of the samples much easier than I used to do.

Enjoy it!

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