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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

7th of August - Pin8 (219th Song)

I wanted today to make a song with sounds created entirely from the scratch with FM8, including the bass drum. Making some modulations and pitch bending too.

Thoughts: To make a percussive sound theoretically you must create an envelop where the attack is fast and no sustain making the tail of the sound to be the release time. I made this bass drum sound with no clue of how to get it, but aiming for that just worked, and even when the sound is not very cool is a good approach. I stacked some different waves together and feed them until I got something, a low note with some higher notes on it and very short. Of course I also make the envelope of each one like the percussion style that I was telling before. The bass sound was an easier one, I took sawtooth wave and made few modifications, the most important was to make the pitch to bend one octave higher and lower (I didn't use the lower though) in the modulation tab, this is something that I just learned to do now. As I liked the creation of a percussive sound I tried another one, this time a glockenspiel. The sound should be rich in harmonics and the tail would be longer. I made some harmonics out of tune that I think they are the reason it sounds so cool. I'm very proud of this particular sound. And the I wanted some synth pads, I worked a lot trying to get something similar but I found it impossible so I came with the sound that I had when I got tired. 

I love the darkness of the song, the bass modulation is just great, I added flanger and a sequenzer and it's quite disquiet. And I like the song although I want some arrangements for it but I couldn't imagine how to get those sounds that I was thinking from the scratch such as cymbals or airy increasing sounds or explosions. That will be the next step in sound design for me. I used Ableton Live 8 to get more agility with it.

Enjoy it!

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