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Thursday, 8 August 2013

8th of August - Kamaji (220th Song)

I got drum withdrawal and I had to make a song, but I don't like solo drums songs, they are boring. I didn't want to play any other instrument. The solution: Play all the instruments from my kit via MIDI and praying to be cool. 

Thoughts: Very nice session. I just played improvised all the layer trying to listen the music that was sounding in the deepest level possible and being used to the sounds of every sound bank. I got something very cool. The drums sounds super powerful and groovy, I lost some groove in the middle since I was trying to many things but I wanted to stick in that groove and move as less as possible. Then the other instruments, nothing special. It's a little bit of chaos but giving more takes to the song and planning it for longer I could have a very great song for a bank robbery movie, don't you think so?

Enjoy it!

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