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Friday, 9 August 2013

9th of August - Quientocaque (221st Song) is a website for drummers. They did this competition where people would have to download a song that they provided, play along of it, record in video and send it to them, the one who gets more views will win a snare drum, and they're also prizes for the 2nd and 3rd place. I just did it with my shitty electronic kit and my shitty drum banks, not without mention how shitty the song is. This is what I got.

Thoughts: Definitely I'm a rusty. My drumming skills are lower than ever, but in the other side I'm in my most musical moment ever. It'll great when Ill have more time on future and I'll can focus more on drums, I'm sure like it's gonna be like a rocket booster. I really hated this song and I didn't want to spend a lot of time trying things to make it sound cool, honestly, and honestly I'll say that I tried it a lot of times as I was failing over and over again. The snare pad is shit, if you play very soft but you hit the center of the skin it's gonna sound loud anyway. Dynamics work very bad and things suddenly don't sound, like the hihat foot pedal or the cymbals, and that makes me lose concentration. I'm not very pro with this kind of New Orleans vibe too. I also made the mistake of sending them the video directly from the camera where you can hear the hits against the pads and I didn't trim the video. I have a polish version but I just simply failed sending to them. It's very cool to see me failing on grabbing the sticks when I twist them in the air, haha. Anyway, I learned a lot about in which level I am and what I have to pay more attention when I play. Now my focus is FORTUNA Quest and I'm not able to play drums every time I would like and when I can I sometimes use that time to learn some mixing skills for example or other things concerning to improve the FORTUNA experience. So I'll keep my talent slightly on the side this time waiting for something wild.

Enjoy it!

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