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Sunday, 11 August 2013

10th of August - The Sound Gig (222nd Song)

Tonight I've got my first gig in my life as sound technician, who was gonna tell me? And I got paid very well! I just had a walk through the dance floor with my mobile recording one song to check the sound a to record this. Definitely it was worth to record this such an event.

Thoughts: I was very nervous the previous days. I became paranoid, watching videos of live sound, checking the manual of the desk that I was gonna use, asking friends that know how to do it. Questions such as which problems I would have there, how to avoid feedback, what if something breaks, should I bring headphones? Earplugs? All this basic stuff that I was just to see with my own eyes.

When I got there the first thing that I saw was this ancient fancy building, it looked like Harvard or something like that. We pulled over. No one was there. And from a door that went to huge fields a peacock came to welcome us. Really bizarre. We got in and it was even fancier than expected. A massive hall with a church organ, everything built by marble and polished materials with great colors. The room had a lot of echoes and the drummer was there setting everything up. Gulps... I went there and he told me to plug 2 cables to "the front of the house". What the hell was the front of the house? I just figured out that he meant the speakers providing sound to the audience. The cable was a hose with to short terminations. How the hell was I gonna been able to connect that to both speakers that were so far from each other? I just was panicking. I told him that I had to go to the toilets. Luckily the cables were connected when I arrived, they had to be connected to a sub-woofer underneath the right speaker. Then everything was easy. They were doing everything very fast so I commit some mistakes like not getting enough signal from the singers mics. I tried to fix turning up the gain, but I did when the monitors mixing was done and one guy got upset with me. He was always upset so I didn't give a shit. And then in front of the house. I had the mixer on the stage so I had to back and forth from the desk to the dance floor to check the sound, that was really awkward and not very good for my ear: I had to pass just in front of one speaker all the time, I don't know how I didn't get deaf. 

Despite the echoes in the room I got a nice sound and everyone was enjoying the party, a crazy wedding where everyone was crashing their glasses and girls without shoes were stepping on. Very funny, I think they'll call me back. They liked me. :)

Enjoy it!

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