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Sunday, 11 August 2013

11th of August - Fantástica Telecaster (223rd Song)

I've waken up with the urge of playing guitar as much as I could. I had Juanes' Fender Telecaster in my bedroom and I'm not using it. Let's use it once again and improve some of my few skills on this great instrument that is taking his space in my heart little by little.The challenge was to loop 4 difficult grooves to me in a 4 track app for iPhone that I hadn't tried yet: GigBabyFree. I would stop any of them when I felt that I wasn't able to keep doing it anymore.

Thoughts: As I'm doing lately I'm gonna list the pros and cons of this app so I can decide what to do with it later.

- It has 5 tracks including a rhythm one
- Metronome and tapping tempo feature  (You can see the lights of it and mute it if required)
- Can share the song that you record
- I think you can save it to (up to check)
- You can note the tempo in a note book
- Dozens of rhythms to play along with
- No overdubs (as usual)
- Really crispy sound? (I had to cover the phone with a sheet)
- A little bit complex to use 

Great guitar session, I feel more competent now with it.  I realized that I'm struggling to start grooves with confidence, but it's normal, I'm not very confident playing and the sound is shifting all the time as I keep going. I'm making my best effort to listen more than paying attention of what I'm playing, it seems lately that it works but it's very difficult with all the instruments that I don't master.

Enjoy it!

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