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Monday, 12 August 2013

12th of August - My Boss Was A Jerk (Pero de trancas) (224th Song)

I just realized that inside the case of Juane's guitar there was some cables, so now, at last, I was able to play with my Boss GT-10. I'm so happy! I took advantage and tried to play an intense Metallicaish mellow song.

Thoughts: At last! I can use my pedal board! That's great. I tried a lot of things and got in trance so many times. I just hate that I always get a hiss from it and I don't know if it's the board, the guitar, the cables or myself! I like the pace of this song, how a rock distorted guitar can generate beauty and intensity. I put a lot of emotion in this song, and it is noticed. I'm not changing the sounds or finding my own though, they all were presets.

Enjoy it!

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