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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

13th of August - Why? (225th Song)

Hello everybody, this is a special song that I bring to all of you, with a message. The intention was to make a song sounding like the 60's pop, I failed with the sound, but the song definitely could have been a hit by then. 

Thoughts: I felt quite proactive today and did a lot of stuff. As usual I watched some tutorial videos and Pensado's place, I updated some stuff that I had backlogged and finally I made this song. Set the mic, grabbed the guitar, my note book and I was ready to start. I think that playing power chords is not very 60's, is it? But it doesn't sound very far from the 60's vibe. Actually it was an easy session, I just got an idea and I put in on the canvas. Some backing vocals and then go to the mixer. This is the hardest part, I didn't really know how to transform all this in an old 60's recording so I just experimented. The reverb made some proximity although I sent to much, but I guess some reverb is required for this, and maybe this one is not the appropiate. With the voices... No i-de-a. I tried some compressions and they didn't work, and then some EQ. It sounds now a little bit better than the rough take, but very far away from where I want it to go. I also noticed the difference between my two acoustic guitars. One is more solid and middle ranged, and rich in harmonics, the other is more trebbly, short, loose and crispy (and very untuned, it's broken). Great song, very catchy, I like it, I just hope that in the future I'll be able to get a closer sound. Sure I will. The ending is very punky, I kind of like it.

Enjoy it!

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