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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

14th of August - ICOrina (226th Song)

Today everything seems to be very spiritual, I feel calm and zen. It was the perfect moment to take my cheap ocarina and play something with it, recalling the ancient aborigines of South America calling to their gods or something.

Thoughts: Very cool to grab my ocarina at last, I don't know why it was there not being used at all. Probably waiting for the right moment to be used, it's destiny was to wait until today. I used a pedal note that helps, in my opinion, to invoke the spirits of the nature, it's something with pedal notes and forest that always have met together in music. As my lungs are like raisins I had to paste some takes together in order to make a long one. And over there I played my call. Later in the mixer a good reverb did it to work perfectly, I imagine myself perfectly in the middle of the Amazon playing this. It could be used perfectly for a movie, like The Mission or Rapa Nui for example.

Enjoy it!

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