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Thursday, 15 August 2013

15th of August - Organ Delite (227th Song)

Well, well, well. Here's another new song, with a church organ and some improvisation in it. I used the organ synth in Logic that gives you a narrow range of changing the parameters. I played my favourite cadence which is VI, VII, I of a minor scale.

Thoughts: I'm feeling more confident with my keyboard skills and I felt ready to play a song from nowhere, just think about something and play it. Ok, ok, I know that if you don't play the black keys in an A minor scale is much easier, but I almost nailed every single note that I had in my mind. I'm starting to figure out pretty well the notes that are coming from keyboard and with guitar also, plus I today just listened to a random note on Youtube and I knew that it was a G. Ain't it cool? It was just one thing that I could improve in this song: the organ, no matter how many parameter changes I did, sounded very hard if you are not playing a note before, my first note and some notes after rests are too high and that kills me and stabs my ears.

Enjoy it!

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