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Friday, 16 August 2013

16th of August - Crocant (228th Song)

My very best friend Mata came today to my house to have fun together drinking some beers and making some music. He is learning Ableton Live and I taught him some stuff that I've been discovering this days as he taught me what he knew. He almost guided me in the construction of the structure of the song. Cheers Mata.

Thoughts: Making music with friends is the most fun way to do it. As we both are learning how to use Live we were just experimenting with things, aiming more to knowledge than make a super cool song. We just found some clips that he liked since this is his approach to making music, more sampling than making new melodies or grooves that is the way I should do. We were finding out how were the audio effects, I think we tried all of them and I explained to him what the basic effects do. Then we tried to sample the first kick drum from the main rhythm and after trying a lot of stuff we found that putting it in the drum rack and cutting it there and recording the rhythm that we wanted in a clip was our best option. I found a synth sound that was good and wet enough to fit into the feeling of the song and he played a melody that he liked. Finally he just directed me on which instruments to add or remove in session mode. Very fun, and quite good song. It's our second song with Live, the first one was Matikun from the 4th of February, you can listen the improvement easily. 

Enjoy it!

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