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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

17th of September - Everywhere (260th Song)

This is a song that I've been growing in my head since a couple weeks ago when I had a dream about my friend DJ Fonas playing a great chorus, I incorporated a full song to that great happy melody and the grungy energetic harmony. My best songs are always based on dreams!

Thoughts: I'm very happy, I really like this song, it's like an anthem. The lyrics are funny two although I had some english mistakes. I also discovered a lot of things. I used Superior drummer and I was able to bounce all the drum tracks and work with them separately for first time, I didn't do a lot, I'll keep that for a drum solo or something that I can spend a lot of time only on that.

The song talks about all these people that are always proving how cool they are, they are desperate looking for approval and they'll tell you 1000000 of reasons that would convince you, but I only get more and more annoyed. I had some of these characters around lately and they have driven me bananas.

The first thing that I did before I started to play music was to put my mic in the bathroom I turned the hot water on, I got naked, I had a shower and I whistle the important part of the song. I used that as intro then. Once I had that shit done I started to record, first drums (I don't know how but I had a clear idea of exactly what to do) with just the metronomone, then bass, then guitars (left and right) with slight variations, then the speech voice very close to the mic, and then the chorus a little further. 
I notice how different is the sound of each voice, it's like I can hear the room and the voice doesn't have enough presence, and that's a shame because I preferred more presence at the chorus than before. 

I also tried a lot compressions to get better on them, and I played with slap delay that is kind of a revelation for my right now. I love how it gives the impression of having relief,  brings the sound a bit closer to you and gets shape to. A lot of eq as well, I feel like I'm getting some improvements on that, now, although I don't know how to do it great, I know what is really wrong and I can fix it. My improvements on guitar and bass are also very exiting. I'm going to sleep very happy.

Enjoy it!

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