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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

16th of September - Best Chopped Pork In The Empty Whole Sales Market (259th Song)

One of my last lessons with the EXS24 sampler was to chop an actual drum groove and being able to use all the little fragments as actual drum sounds. I improvised a solo with my keyboard with these sounds. And I put it in a massive room with the reverb. 

Thoughts: Well, I just learned that technique right clicking on the clip and choosing 'convert to a new sample track', then you tell it to convert track from transient markers and 'voilĂ ', you have your groove chopped. The rest wasn't nothing special, just trying different grooves, dynamics and I took advantage of the fact that I couldn't learn so much to listen carefully to what it was sounding, maybe I could learn some musicality, I really think you can just learn it listening to everything and analyzing internally. 

Enjoy it!

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