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Sunday, 15 September 2013

15th of September - So Far Away (258th Song)

The mission today was singing and playing guitar at the same time and record it, I wanted to know first if I was able to play and sing a whole song, and second I wanted to try how to put to mics and not bother each other. 

Thoughts: I feel very bad because the song is supposed to be very deep and I was really mean this song. But my poor technique, the lack of time and a bad improvisation at the end just screwed it up. My voice sometimes is kind of good and sometimes just ridiculous trying to make a bit of opera singing, the emotions were there though. 

I used a SM57 for the guitar and the Rodes for the voice, and I could work with both quite good, the sound of the guitar was getting through the voice mic but just a little bit, I think I can work well like this. I only have one stand so I had to put the Shure on a stool and try to get as closer as I could. 

I think I can do a good song from this one, maybe next year I make a super version of it. I'll think about it.

Enjoy it!

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