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Saturday, 14 September 2013

14th of September - Sampler Vox (257th Song)

I wanted to make a song only with voice again, but this time using the EXS24 that I'm being learning this last weeks. Very funny stuff, I almost master it already. 

Thoughts: I learned how to split a region in little regions with audio information automatically with the 'strip silence' tool, so I could record in every track just some notes and assign them to different keys. Some notes would be played in their own key and some will change just the pitch, I didn't want to record one single note for every key, I simplified. 
The whistle sound is just 4 different whistles together, there's just one original, the rest are pitch shifted.
With the solo I record notes that I knew that would fit with the song, but they weren't enough, so to find the notes that I was looking for I had to use the pitch bend. Very funny the result, so inaccurate, but struggling to get the best pitch was worth it. 

This is a kind of different song that what I'm use to do. I don't know, doesn't feel like me but is good to be able to do express different feelings too. A bit of perspective doesn't hurt.

Enjoy it!

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