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Friday, 13 September 2013

13th of September - The Process (456th Song)

I kept going with Live tutorials, the guy was making a very basic techno song, and he were processing all the elements a lot (compressors, reverbs, delays, side chaining compressor, frequency shifter, pitch shifter, etc). I wanted to try to make cool sounds doing that too. 

Thoughts: It's very difficult for me to know when a sound is good enough for the purpose it's made to. This guy just was trying things and he and when he finished he had great sounds. For me wasn't that cool, the bass drum is just to soft, probably because I used reverb at the beginning of the chain. I applied a side chain compressor, but honestly I don't know if it's good or not, or even what the hell I did. 

I like the guitar phrase that I made, the sound it was just there, I just played it with the keyboard and added some EQ and delay. And I found a place to tribute one of my favourite techno songs ever: Sensitive World's "Get it up". Did you realize it?

Enjoy it!

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