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Thursday, 12 September 2013

12th of September - Rusty (255th Song)

Yes, I'm rusty, my drum skill are decreasing as my musicality is increasing and I put my skills to test making a drum solo and trying to be musical. The result is very depressing to me.

Thoughts: Sometimes happens, you think that you are cool doing something and you realize that actually you are not that cool, maybe because you have been training, maybe because is something that you are not used to do or because you have a bad day. The case is that I feel like I'm much better musician than last year and I play the drums with more groove, but this song has been a nightmare, I not only was without any idea of what to do and feeling like I couldn't do anything cool today but I also felt like all what I studied all this 16 years of drumming is buried something and I can't find it. The loop that I did (which is lame but funny) was 'ungroovable', I couldn't find any way to make it roll. I was only making horrible rock patterns and basic stuff, I couldn't be sophisticated.  For my own sake I have to say that I tried a new drum plugin for Kontakt and it really suck, maybe not the plugin but the kit that I choose.

I also spent some quality time trying thing with Kontakt and I start to understand it a little bit. Good tool I reckon, I hope is as cool as I suspect.

Enjoy it!

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