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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

11th of September - Radioaktive Guitar (254th Song)

I had never used Reaktor as effect plugin for my audio tracks, today my challenge was to create something new with this new tool for me.

Thought: I was doing a lot of thing today with Reaktod, I really learned a lot, but obviously I'm a rookie. I only record two track. What I did was, for the first guitar, just use the tool A to E (that I guess it means analog to electronic?) and after that the guitar sounded that weird and I couldn't play with it as a normal guitar because every note that I played was different as expected, not only changed the sound but also each pitch that I played. The second thing was create a delay, I just learned how to do it, and I tried it in a new way for me that I hadn't heard before. Normally when the use delay to put notes between the notes that you are playing they use to use a delay length of a dotted value of the notes that you're playing, so it's starts delaying just after the second note. Weird to explain... And I tried to make the delay start between the third and the forth song so the note is repeated after. 

The most difficult today was to play consistently the guitar with delay, I spent a loooot of time doing it, improving my technique considerably. I used minor scale and I tried was basically using the first three strings. I tried with more but my fingers were twisting, too many options. Finally I had to record 4 bar sequences because I was always having mistakes very soon. I have really sweated but it was worth it. On my way of the musicianship. 

Enjoy it!

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