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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

10th of September - Let Me Down (453rd Song)

When I was a teenager I was very into Melodic Hardcore, one of my favourite bands was No Use For a Name. One year ago the singer and composer died. Me and my friend Yela wanted to tribute him for all those great songs that he made that made us so happy. 

Thoughts: I was very sad today because I decided to go to Madrid and leave London and my girlfriend is leaving to Australia, so I realized all the good things that I'm gonna miss, but my best option was this. I'll save some money then and plan something cool for later. Anyway, Yela, knowing how bad I felt came to visit me, with some beers, to cheer me up. Since I always try to do something new I decided to record with him an acoustic version of one song that we like and remind us some of our friends. Not only that but this time I would record both together through my iphone and recording inside his car. It's a new acoustic environment that I wanted to try. The chords are very easy but ,as I said before, my guitar is very hard and I have to press the frets very hard getting tired and sore very soon. Excuses apart I liked how it sounds and my soul is more calm now. Thanx Yela, good therapy.

Enjoy it!

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