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Monday, 9 September 2013

9th of September - Mission: Possible (252nd Song)

Sometimes I feel like I want to make film scoring, but probably I wouldn't use an iPhone app to make it. Who knows, the technology is growing so fast. 

Thoughts: I'm amaze of how cool I did this song. I mean, it's not a master piece, and it's quite poor but I really imagined that I couldn't sound the half good that I did. I used MusicStudio to make it. I missed some horns, but with the flute I got a good approach. The sound effects makes the song more cinematographic. Good learning although I don't have much to say. Just I was making the song in my head and more or less I got what I wanted. The sound of the strings are very bad obviously but really really bad with staccato notes. I wanted to add a legato piano section where the flute was the main character, but I didn't know how to started, I've been a coward.

Enjoy it!

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