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Thursday, 19 September 2013

19th of September - Where Do You Go? (262nd Song)

I kind of composed this song some years ago, I almost forgot about it. I had to practice it again a lot and try to play it well. I'm playing it better that then but no so well. It's a beautiful song though.

 Thoughts: The main problem with this song is that is very very slow and it's difficult to groove it, with metronome I can't make it to work and without I just lose the place where I should start every phrase. And is so precious that if I make a little mistake breaks absolutely all the magic. My mission was to play it the best that I could. I got this, some mistakes but is good. I learned a lot of guitar technique today since I repeated the song like 100 times. I learned how to move the wrist to get the best position with the left hand, how to relax it when don't need to be tense, how fingers can move to a better place while sliding them carefully while playing a chord, how the right hand should be independent and not pay attention to the other hand when this is tense, etc. Very good session.
You can notice that when I'm playing the melody guitar it's weird and it seems like the other guitar starts always late, that's what I meant, it's difficult to groove the rhythmic section. I have more ideas for the melody that I haven't record it, I think I'll record this song again next year and this time singing and arranging it. Maybe some orchestral strings...

Enjoy it!

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