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Friday, 20 September 2013

20th of September - Welcome To My Bedroom (263rd Song)

Since most of you haven't ever been in my bedroom I'll just introduce it to you. With a picture and a song, the song doesn't say much but..., I created the reverb of my room so you can feel how it sounds like.

Thoughts: Cool, now I now how to create the reverb of any place with the convolution technique. I used the Impulse Response Utility from Logic to do it. I just have to place a couple of mics and a speaker in the desire environment and the utility will create a sine wave from 0hz to 20000hz (I've guessed that) and the mics will capture it and the bounces of the wave through the room. And then with maths formulas it will create the reverberation of the desired place. Isn't it cool? So, again, welcome to me bedroom. 

I played something that I could create without mic to not give you an idea of the sound of the room until I turn the volume of the reverb up. I used to short and dry hits so it's more obvious. My bedroom sounds like shit but I can do it with amazing places. I can go to the Barcelona underground to capture the magic reverb that once my brother heard and he'll never forget. I want to make reverbs from everywhere now!

Enjoy it!

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