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Saturday, 21 September 2013

21st of September - Deaf Song (264th Song)

I'm gonna be honest here, lately I'm not very focus on FORTUNA Quest, my brain is on holidays and I'm just doing easy stuff but trying to be creative in some way. I made this song just without hearing any note while I was recording, so until I uploaded it I didn't know how it sounded like. I wanted to try to make what I was thinking and with lucky maybe the song it would sound similar. 

Thoughts: I said to myself: how does a E note sound like? Because I play some guitar I thought I could remember it. Actually I did. I played a sequence of for notes sounding left to right respectively. I wanted to hear how did it work in the space. When I started to play the melody the song was totally different of what I thought. I imagined some intervals (they were very easy actually) but I don't know why in my brain the melody started in a different note even when I knew that it was an E. 
I played the melody looking to the metronome but not hearing it, so I could almost play on time. The song sounds horrible.

Enjoy it!

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