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Saturday, 28 September 2013

28th of September - Felipe Vaso (271st Song)

The mission today was to play 8th notes to try to double the track and then move it in the app MusicStudio but it ended in a tribute to Philip Glass. 

Thoughts: I wanted to try to make a stereo delay with the app, maybe with some feedback making more tracks with less volume. The first phrase is perfect for that but I started the second part and a loop snapped in my mind. I though in Philip Glass, I was up to know how he thinks. It's obviously a very geometric music and I could see that while moving the notes in the editor, it's full of pyramids and inverted pyramids, going big and small. Finally I tried the delay thing, it was too much but I did anyway, lowering the volume almost to the maximum so it's just a whistle in the background. I like how it sounds out of time but just subtle enough to give it character. Good one. 

Enjoy it!

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